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Black Saddle Coffee

The Challenge

Artisanal Organic Coffee Roasters!

Black Saddle Coffee needed branding that stood out on competitive store shelves and embodied their modern but rustic roots.

The challenge was to create a fun twist on a coffe brand that would stand apart from the crowd, and creating cohesive packaging that matches.


Cannabis Cove.


August 2018


Branding, Web Design


Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, WordPress


The Solution

The solution was to play off of the name and incorporating a black saddle some how. This thought let to the combination of a black saddle and a coffee mug. Once this look was created I felt it should also play a part in the packaging by making the logo and the saddle a key component of the packaging.

The Result

A creative and clean concept on coffee. A strong and fun brand that is modern but rustic and perfect to attract their millenial target audience. Then creating a package that will stand out against the competion on store shelves.

Tefi Tek
Cannabis Cove