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Central Tech

The Challenge

Accessibility Meets Functionality!

Central Tech is a technical school with two campuses located in Drumright, OK and Sapulpa, OK. Previously Central Tech had three websites on three different platforms and my task was to take those websites and put them together into one central website for all of Central Tech. This central site would also be switching from a Dreamweaver based site to a WordPress site making it easier to manage, maintain, and update.

One of the biggest hurdles for this website was making it accessible. With Central Tech being an educational institution that receives government funding they are required by law to be 508 compliant.


Central Technology Center




May 2018






The Solution

The solution was to break the site up into three section. The main website and 2 microsites. By doing this we can keep the domains that the microsites previously had and forward them to their respective home pages. This cuts down on customer confusion and helps Central Tech keep track of how people are getting to each area of their website.

The Result

The result was a new cleaner looking website that was both beautiful and functional. This new home for Central Tech is both sustainable and accessible. Keeping their website 100% accessible is an ongoing process, but the steps are being taken every day to keep them there. This was a large undertaking, but 8 months and 140 web pages later it was finally done. This website is the new hope for Central Tech’s main website, Truck Driver Training(TDT) site, and its Business and Industry Services(BIS) site. You can visit their website at CentralTech.Edu

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