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Imperfect Paints

The Challenge

An Awesome Painting Experience!

Imperfect Paints by Mimi is a family owned business where they all work together to help to make every party and event that they host a success. The challenge was to set them apart from all the other paint party businesses. I wanted to make them look very clean and modern but also fun.

This was a simple mark that packs a lot of meaning.


Imperfect Paints


Art, Party Hosting


May 2018




Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator


The Imperfect P mark holds a lot of meaning. The paintbrush is both the stem of the ‘p’ and the body of the ‘i’. Then There is a ‘perfect’ paint stroke that created the hump of the ‘p’. Lastly, a paint splotch is placed on this ‘perfect’ paint stroke to make it ‘imperfect’ and it is also the dot of the ‘i’.

The Result

A simple and clean brand that packs a punch. It fits everything that Imperfect Paints stands for in a concise graphic that is easy to recognize and easy to understand the meaning of. Check out their website at

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