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Jasmine Nyree

The Challenge

Inclusion For All

The Jasmine Nyree Pediatric Medical Day Center will be a place where all kids with disabilities can get top notch health care in an environment where they feel welcome and included. This project was both challenging and fun and definitely one of my favorites.

The challenge with this project was to create a brand that was both clean and modern but also kid friendly.


Jasmine Nyree Center


Health Care


February 2019




Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator


The Solution

With the brand, I wanted to give them something that was very professional but very fun. My main focus was to show that this center was inclusive and a place of positivity. That’s where my inspiration for this logo came from.

Many medical centers are terrifying for kids, and even more so for kids with disabilities who have to make more frequent visits. I wanted this brand to bring light and positivity and joy.

The Result

A bright and shinning sun to brighten up the day of every kid who walks into the door. A puzzle to show that every kid welcome and included in a loving atmosphere. And a colorful creation to represent the rainbow of disabilities that these kids are faced with overcomming.

Piedmont Purple Patch