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Morning Glory

The Challenge

Start Your Morning Off Right!

Morning Glory is a daily devotional series geared towards giving people the motivation and inspiration they need to get their day started the right way.

The challenge with this project was to create something the portrayed morning and Christ. Having a dynamic with the abstract idea of what morning is and combining that with symbolism for Christianity is something that can manifest in several different ways and this was my interpretation of that.


Morning Glory


Church, Video Series


September 2018


Branding, Website


Adobe Illustrator, WordPress


The icon is the backbone for this design. It features a sunrise, the morning sky, a green pasture, and three crosses that represent the holy trinity. The color selected for this brand was inspired by the elements of the logo. Yellow for the sun, blue for the sky, and green for the land.

The Result

A simple interpretation of morning and glory! That is functional enough to work in all of the mediums necessary. It is versatile enough for print, web, and video.

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