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Strickland Trans Inc.

The Challenge

Trucking with the bulls!

Creating a professional looking brand for a family owned business is always a challenge. Strickland Trans Inc is a trucking company with the goal of getting their clients their products on time and in mint condition. With them, being family owned it was important to create a brand that shows trust and reliability to its clients.


Strickland Trans Inc.




May 2018




Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator


The Solution

With this project, I really had to dive deep into the meaning of the name Strickland and be very selective with my choice of colors. It means the land of the bullocks. This is where the idea to use bullhorns came into play. When it came to selecting the color palette I picked colors that represented what the company stands for and how they want their customers to feel. I selected blue to show that they are family oriented and yellow/orange to show trustworthiness and reliability.

The Result

Putting it all together it is a brand that brings out the essence of what this family and this company is all about. They put family first and their word is their bond. They are off trucking with the bulls with their name and their brand.

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