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Strong Fitness App

The Challenge


Strong by Trevo was created to provide people with everything they need to build the body of their dreams. From their supplements to their gear and now their app they are revolutionizing the workout industry.

The challenge of this project was to give the users a easy to use interface to communicate with their trainers. This app is built on accountability. It is ment for the user the to submit what they eat and their cardio workouts to their trainer so they can be held accountable and to keep them on track for their goals.


Strong by Trevo




July 2019


UI/UX Design, App Design


Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, InVision


The Solution

I wanted to create a simple and easy flow for the users to submit their food and cardio to their coach, so the solution was to take them through a quick two to three step wizard to walk them through the process quickly and easily.

Along with the accountability I felt that it was neccesary to add a few other components to the app to make it feel more complete and give the user a reason to use the app on more of a regular basis. To do this I incorporated a workout sections and a recipe section. These sections go hand in hand with the accountability side of the app by giving the users goos workout options and healthy food choices making it easier to meet their workout goals.

To round out this app I added two more things. The first is a progress tracker where you upload photos of yourself every few weeks to visibly track your bodies tranformation. The next was a shop section where the user can purchase the products that Strong has to offer that will also help them on their journey.

The Result

A simple and easy to use workout app made for every person no matter what level they are at in their workout journey.

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