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Tefi Tek

The Challenge

Modernizing The Hemp Marketplace

Tefi-Tek Industries, LLC. was incorporated as an Oklahoma Limited Liability Corporation. Tefi-Tek Industries, LLC. was developed to become the premier resource for all Oklahoma hemp plant products for testing the legal content of THC. This will involve the testing and validation of hemp products that fall below 0.3 percent content of THC.

For this project they wanted a fully custom font created specifically for the logo.


Tefi Tek.


Cannabis Research & Development


August 2018


Branding, Web Design


Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, WordPress


The color palette was pulled from the colors of the Ethiopian flag. Several different variations of the logo were created to provide a versatile and functional brand.

The Result

The result was a very unique mark that shows you the tribal and African spirit of this business. This mark is truly one of a kind. Visit their site at

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